Clockwise from top left:
Bob Heiligmann (drums), Michael Workman (keyboards),
Ruben Griffin (vocals), Carol Coleman (bass), Jack Ross (guitar)


In January of 1971, Mike and Jack spent effort trying keep the Field of Zadd together after Jeff, Elyse, and Bob left the band. Jack and Mike had been attending the Berklee School of Music and had met new musicians that they hoped could fill the needs of the band.


They decided on another female bass player, Carol Coleman. Carol was also known, affectionately, as Bumpy. A driving bass player that was a serious student of the bass. Jack, Mike, and Bumpy got down to rehearsing.

Carol Coleman (Bumpy)


The three of them auditioned several drummers, including Mark Smith. Carol liked Mark's drumming, and it looked like the band might give Mark the nod. However, before he joined the group, Mike talked with Bob Heiligmann again, paving the way for Bob's return. The band was now four again and they played a few gigs, but were in obvious need of a dedicated vocalist.


Carol suggested the band listen to a singer she knew. Ruben Griffin, AKA Kwame, was a complete change in direction for the band. The band format changed to an R&B and soul format since Kwame could get down with it. Kwame would shine on songs by Wilson Picket and Otis Redding.


Ruben Griffin (Kwame)


The Field of Zaad never made it back as a successful club band, but the few performances they did brought rave reviews.

The band hung in without many gigs until May of 1971. It was Jack Ross who decided he'd had enough, and The Field of Zaad was officially disbanded. Even though each member was an integral part
of the band, Jack was the life force. When he quit, it was time for all of us to find something else.

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Bumpy & Mike Workman


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