John Sippell (bass/vocals)
Steve Edwards (drums)
Michael Workman (keyboards/vocals)
Janine Love (songstress)
Carl Spahn (sax/flute)
Bobby Hargarther (guitar)

Twilight was started by John Sippell and Carl Spahn with an idea to provide a good cross section of rock and funk with jazz. Musicians were picked that could cover any type of gig. The original group did some jazz gigs as the Zone. When John started booking more commercially oriented gigs, The band's name changed to Twilight. Unfortunately, once we started playing dance music, we never got back to playing jazz gigs and had to be happy with the few hip tunes we'd pull out of the hat.

The members of Twilight were great players. John had played in the Great Divide with Scott Byers and Monte Montgomery. Steve Edwards had been in High Strung with Carmen Bryant and Mike Workman, Bobby Hargarther had played the San Antonio scene for years with groups like the Brotherhood, Bobby Jenkins,the Pride, Bogata, and his own band, Kalico.

Janine Love was brought in as a replacement to Carmen Bryant, who had left San Antonio for Atlanta. I don't remember that Janine had much experience. In fact, she was a bit shy at first. But she was very positive. And had a great voice with range and power. Her stage charisma, as well as her singing, was infectious. And her timing was right-on. She joined Twilight just when we landed a gig at Nonas on St. Mary's Street.

Nona's was a great gig. It was a small Italian restaurant and bar, but we had as much visibility there as many larger places I had played in San Antonio. We had a regular following and all the musicians gained a bit of notoriety in town. Janine was the main focus, but we all enjoyed our own piece of the spotlight.
About the only thing that could take the focus away from Twilight, was when we went on break and Stefania danced. Stefania was the owner of Nona's and would gladly display her Mid-Eastern belly dance capability each weekend. There is absolutely no way to describe it with words. If you never had the opportunity to see her perform, you missed it!

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