1. Country As A City Girl Can Be
  2. Ride'em Cowboy
  3. I Ain't Your Jailer
  4. The Juice Ain't Worth The Squeeze
  5. No Trespassin'
  6. Everything
  7. You Know How It Is
  8. Let Somebody Love You
  9. Give
  10. Roll With The Changes
  11. Savin' It Up For Saturday Night
  12. What Turns Me On
  13. Feel Like Rockin'

Karol Ann DeLong, Dalene Richelle, Biz Haddock

Lantana Video

We got the call through Bill Green Music Productions to play
a series of showcases for Lantana, a trio of chicks unlike
the Dixie Chicks. This included their CD release party at the
Texas State Fair. The band that played behind Lantana:

Bill & Debbie Green arrive for
the Sulphur Springs show

Biz meets the bus


Traveling in style

Karol Ann, Biz, and Dalene
signing autographs and selling T-shirts


Setting up in Suphur Springs

Another view of the stage


Biz and Dalene working
the autograph booth

Karol Ann, Biz, and Dalene
worked the crowd each show


Big John Mills
and... oh, those boots

John Mills (guitar), Phil Fischer (drums)
and Alan Kolby (bass) seeing the sites


Sulphur Springs - the girls in front
Billy, John, Bill and Alan visible in back

Dalene, Karol Ann & Biz
live in Corpus Cristi


Sulphur Springs Concert

From back stage - Biz, Karol Ann, Dalene
You can see Jim Kalson's and my shoulders...


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